Mikrotik Dude – regexp

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If you want to play with Regular Expressions in Dude server keep in mind these rules: RouterOS support POSIX regular expression syntax (POSIX standard), with some exceptions: ‘{}’ bounds are not supported; “()” must not be empty; equivalence classes are not supported (“[[.ch.]]”); collating elements are not supported (“[[=a=]b]”); matching is done in single pass, no backtracking. Following services in …

Mikrotik CHR Crash under VirtualBox

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On some Linux distribution Mikrotik CHR hosted by VirtualBox 6.0 can crash and reboot mysteriously. On console may appear this message: Workaround: Access on VirtualBox Network Settings For all adapters of Mikrotik CHR choose PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973) as virtual adapter. Start VM and check! bye .glitchlist crew


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mtr is a huge tool on network troubleshooting, It was compiled the first time on 1997. You can find MTR on any Linux distro and even on MiktoTik routers. A complete manual is available here or enter man mtr under linux. bye .glitchlist crew

MikroTik – Kernel Vulnerability

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Linux kernel vulnerabilityNetflix has identified several TCP networking vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel that is used in RouterOS. https://mikrotik.com/ The MikroTik company announces that the vulnerabilities traced in CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 and CVE-2019-11479 have been solved by releasing updates for RouterOS 6.45.1 and 6.44.5. Jonathan Looney, a security expert at Netflix, found three Linux DoS vulnerabilities, two of them related to┬áthe …