FortiAnalyzer a.k.a. FAZ – “No Data” issue

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After upgraded to FAZ firmware version to FortiAnalyzer_6.0.5 you can experience a “No Data” visualization problem in FortiView analytics functions. One of the most popular features of the FAZ is the FortiView information aggregator that allows the SOC a general overview of the security status of its network.In fact, in the dashboard where the “No data” problem may exist you …

Nortel-BayStack paleo-recovery Password

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If you have an old old (old) switch Nortel Baystack 350/450 and you would reset him to make your traffic go around in the past century, do this trick to reset the configuration. These old switches do not have a factory-default function but a BackDoor password to access console CLI: “NetICs” very funny! .glitchlist crew

Free inodes in Squid3

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if you use a large cache maybe you can experience squid process crash because you running-out of inodes. Index node or inode is a table that contain meta data of all achived files in a linux filesystem such as file size, owner and group membership, permissions, date of last modification or creation and so on. to troubleshooting type: if the …

BGP routes leak. Why?

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Yesterday, 20190624, a routes leak hit majors Internet player like Cloudflare, Verizon and Amazon AWS that were obfuscated by a network outage. An impressive recon and report were made by CloudFlare that early detect the problem and helped AS33154 to solve the problem. You can find the complete report here. But what happened? Briefly, it seems that a BGP protocol …

Backspace and Telnet

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Sometimes old devices (or new devices with old firmware) have troubles with Backspace Key in Telnet/SSH CLI. The best-recommended solution is Disable Telnet! Enable SSH! and Install SecureCRT! Alternatively, to delete some command in CLI press CTRL+BACKSPACE or CTRL+H .glitchlist crew

Routers diagnostics

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to make a complete deep diagnosis of your router one of the most complete tools is: Sometimes the generated file is asked by vendors when you open a Cisco TAC or a Huawei CASE. The output of these commands is very large so on Huawei you can add the filename option and export the file via TFTP, while for Cisco, …