Arista vs Checkpoint QSFP 100Gb

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Making fiber optic link with 100 Gb/s optics, you have to consider FEC (Forward error correction) Connection with different vendors can cause some issues with. In this case we discuss about making a 100Gb/s link between Arista Switch and Checkpoint firewall. The error correction under the 2 vendors are different and thankfully on Arista is possibly specify how we would …

Arista – Cli access without password

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A good practise for manage a switch is to use certificate instead a password STEP 1.Add a local user : username admin privilege 15 secret kdfhsdfk_adfksbfjksbdpppp 2.Associate a public key username admin sshkey ssh-rsa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAetc admin@mydomain 3. Associate a role to user username admin role network-admin Well Done!

Arista – Trunk Native Vlan

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In Arista switch, on trunk port, if you need to change native vlan and you have deployed all using a trunk group option and not a classical trunk mode you have to put inside a trunk group also the new native vlan : Now your hybrid port is ready to deploy!

Arista Security Advisory 0041

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Yesterday (2019-06-26) Arista announced a security advisory for a kernel problem on multi platform device that run those SW version : EOS 4.22.0F 4.21.6M and below 4.20.13M and below 4.19.12M and below 4.18.11M and below The currently end of support code trains (4.17 and below) CloudVision: CVP: 2018.2.4 and below CVA: 2.1.1 and below MOS (Metamako OS): 0.21.0 and below …

ARISTA – Install and activate an extension

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With Arista switch it’s possible that you need to install an extension for fix some bug or for use some extra functionality. Follow those simple steps for activating an extension : Move a swix file to switch under a vrf : Install an extension : Verify the state of extension : Copy the extension on boot sector

Vxlan routing on Arista DCS-7050tx

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A vxlan routing isn’t available in default configuration on Arista DCS-7050TX, the switch born with vxlan bridging For activate a feature is needed to dedicate a physical interface to vxlan routing and you can follow those simple steps : Choose the physical interface and configure it as follow : now you have to configure a virtual interface : well done, …

Rate Limit on Arista switch

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If you need to limit egress/ingress trafic on Arista switch read this First create a policy-map : It is important to select class-default for applying the policy to all traffic, if you need a certains queue you can do it Second apply the policy to an interface Verify : That’s all

Arista mlag

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Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation is the possibility with the Arista switch in order to utilize all interconnects in an active/active manner. We will start from the below design : with the the mlag configured between the 2 switch, all the path are in forward mode CONFIGURATION PORT-CHANNEL NO SPANNING-TREE FOR MLAG VLAN CONFIGURATION INTERFACE PTP CONFIGURATION MLAG VERIFY CONFIGURATION DUAL-HOMED LINK …