Ansible Orchestration Concept

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The concept of orchestrate network devices is more important when you have to manage more and more devices.

Now we spoke rapidly how is possible with ansible to do that.

There are already several modules in Ansible ready to use for network devices provisioning.


The first idea is to keep either the playbook or the variables in the Git.

All additions, changes, and updates are handled from a branch created in the Git repository, adding what’s needed to the group_vars.

As soon as the change is committed, it will be committed from the git repo and there will be a merge with the master branch.

A Job will be pushed to deploy the new configuration, a playbook with specific vendor device commands to check the correct deployment will be pushed.

Ideally we use a Lab or test environment before the modifications.

When the modification are validated, it’s possible execute a playbook in production network.

Soon the steps with follow.

Stay tuned!

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