HUAWEI AR Series – Password Recovery

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Turn on the AR router then:

  1. PRESS Ctrl+B to enter in Recovery MODE
  2. at Enter Password: prompt type huawei for pre-R007 versions or Admin@huawei on R007 or later versions
  3. Enter in 7. Password Manager Menu
  4. Choose 2. Clear the console login password option
  5. Wait for Clear the console login password Succeed!
  6. Reboot the router
  7. Change the password in [aaa] configuration!

Applicable on:

AR100 Series
AR100-S Series
AR110-S Series
AR120 Series
AR120-S Series
AR1200 Series
AR1200-S Series
AR150-S Series
AR1500 Series
AR160 Series
AR160-S Series
AR1600 Series
AR200 Series
AR200-S Series
AR2200 Series
AR2200-S Series
AR3200 Series
AR3200-S Series
AR3600 Series
AR600 Series
AR6000 Series

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