BGPv4 Aggregate routes

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Have you ever received many networks from your customers without being able to summarize with an IGP? And… have you ever had to make BGP transit for these messy networks to a carrier that accepts only /20 networks or even worse check on RIPE.NET database? Little trick with aggregate command: Warning: aggregate command not work if you advertize messy networks …

HUAWEI AR Series – Password Recovery

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Turn on the AR router then: PRESS Ctrl+B to enter in Recovery MODE at Enter Password: prompt type huawei for pre-R007 versions or Admin@huawei on R007 or later versions Enter in 7. Password Manager Menu Choose 2. Clear the console login password option Wait for Clear the console login password Succeed! Reboot the router Change the password in [aaa] configuration! …

Arista – Cli access without password

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A good practise for manage a switch is to use certificate instead a password STEP 1.Add a local user : username admin privilege 15 secret kdfhsdfk_adfksbfjksbdpppp 2.Associate a public key username admin sshkey ssh-rsa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAetc admin@mydomain 3. Associate a role to user username admin role network-admin Well Done!

802.3ad between Huawei AR2240 and Cisco 3750X

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IEEE 802.3ad is used to aggregate multiple link ethernet for increase the network speed and availability.You can configure Layer3 to Layer3 LACP or Layer2 to Layer2 Etherchannel, but sometimes you have to do more: Some routers like Huawei 2240 are only configurable in LACP Layer 3 mode but, for design requirements, the Core Switch (ex.: Cisco) have to be set …

SSH login without Password

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Sometimes to automate management operations, you need to manage the authentication process. To avoid inserting the login information of Linux systems into DevOps or NetOps scripts you can generate a pair of authentication keys. Generate a new pair of authentication keys: 2. Copy the public key on the remote system: 3. Test Login password-less: Bye .glitchlist crew