BGPv4 – Public peering requests

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as Internet Service Provider you must ensure that packets are passing your network reach the destination as quickly as possible and with the least number of hops. To do this you should exchange your networks with others: Peering.

Mosts internet peerings in the world is maded by Handshake Agreement. Here you can find a draft with all important information to send and request to your new peer:


[YOUR COMPANY NAME AND ASN] is connected to [IX NAME] and is 
interested in establishing a peering session with [AS NEW PEER]. 
We have an Open peering policy and are not willing to sign

Our details are as follows: 

Interface: 1/10/40/100Gbps 
Prefixes announced: NN 
MD5 password: YES/NO 
Peering email: 
Peering coordinator phone: 
NOC email: 
NOC phone: 

Additional information about our network: 

PeeringDB Coordinates [require free registration]

We aim to set-up peering session with you. 
 If you would like to set-up a peering session with us 
please reply to [YOUR_NOC_EMAIL] which will provide us 
with your confirmation and the necessary information to set-up 
the peering session. 
 If you do not wish to set-up a peering session with us 
or require additional information, please reply to 
[YOUR_NOC_EMAIL] and inform us of this fact. 

Please fill out the information below in your response. 

Router location:  
MD5 Password:  
Other password:  
Peering agreement:  
Number of announcements: 
Max-prefix limit you want us to use:  
Your name:  
Your email:  
Your fax:  
NOC email: 
NOC phone: 
NOC fax:  
NOC mail address: 

 Best regards, 
[your signature] 

“Let’s Peer!”
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