VoIP phones port configuration

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It is sometimes possible to meet a multi-vendor and multi-client environment. For VoIP networks is not good but happen. A Network Admin can automate switch configuration in order to not provide the configuration of each individual phone and allow the voip team to install the devices by themselves.

In this example we have an HP A5130 switch a CISCO IP Phone and an AVAYA IP Phone:

Vlan definition:

 vlan 39
  description CISCO-VOIP
 vlan 48
  name DATA-DHCP
 vlan 69
 vlan 77

LLDP Global commands for auto configuration voice-vlan:

lldp global enable
lldp compliance cdp
port-security enable

Voice vlan global commands:

voice-vlan aging 100
undo voice-vlan security enable
voice-vlan track lldp
voice-vlan mac-address c81f-ea00-0000 mask ffff-ff00-0000 description AVAYA Phones

Port configuration for Cisco IP Phone (Static configuration):

# The voice vlan must be set on ip phone
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/21
  description VOIP CISCO
  port link-type trunk
  undo port trunk permit vlan 1
  port trunk permit vlan 39 48
  port trunk pvid vlan 48
  poe enable    

Port configuration for AVAYA IP Phone (no configuration is required, just Plug&Play):

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/21
  port link-type hybrid
  undo port hybrid vlan 1
  port hybrid vlan 48 untagged
  port hybrid pvid vlan 48
  voice-vlan 77 enable
  stp edged-port
  poe enable

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