HUAWEI AP Firmware Rollback with AC Controller

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Sometimes AP hardware & software upgrades run faster than Wireless Controllers. In a few years, APs quickly go out of production. It may happen that you find yourself installing new generation access points on Controllers with obsolete firmware.

The best solution is to plan a firmware upgrade but you can’t schedule it in 5 minutes. An incorrect firmware or patch could compromise all the APs connected to that Controller.

The first symptom of this condition you can find in the log:

#Jan  7 2020 03:28:14 HUAWEI WLAN/4/AP_SOFTWARE_VERSION_MISMATCH:Slot=0,Vcpu=1;OID AP software version is not match with AC software version.(APMAC=[ (hex)], APName=a825-ebcc-dda2, APType=AP6150DN, APSoftWareVersion=V200R010C10SPC200, APID=3) 

in the Web console, under Configuration>AP Config>AP Config>AP Info you will find the AP with verMismatch status condition.

# Troubleshooting Tricks:

display ap all
display ap version all

# Concentrate on APs in ver-mismatch state

Follow this link for the complete procedures.


  1. Download an old firmware version of your super new AP compatible with the Controller.
  2. Go trough AC Web Console: Maintenance>AP Maintenance>AP Upgrade>New Upgrade Task
  3. Choose Single AP
  4. Select the AP you want to Rollback
  5. Select File>Upload to upload the “old” firmware
  6. Click Immediate Upgrade>OK

Your AP will rollback and correctly register in the medieval AP Controller!

!!! This is a WORKAROUND !!!
When you are ready you will UPGRADE all the WIFI INFRASTRUCTURE!!!



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