Huawei S5700 Parity Check Error

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If you find this warning in your switches S5700:

Aug 23 2019 10:21:50+02:00 DST MPLS-CNX-1 %%01PARITY/3/PARITY_ERROR(l)[13]:A parity check error occurs on the board.

According to Huawei:

This is a soft error with a low probability. The device is not physically damaged and no hardware failure occurs. In the logs we found that single bit destoryed chip table was repaired by the software, but many “parity logs” also record. In the end the solution was to replace the board in order to be sure that the service will not be affected.


This parity warning is low risk and not influence service, I advise you to reboot the device and after apply the latest SPH Patch Package.


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