HUAWEI – enable IGMP-snooping

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igmp-snooping is not a protocol but a feature that switches have to control multicast traffic. In a broadcast domain, multicast is flooded on all ports so the snooping mechanism listen for an IGMP client and send multicast traffic only on the necessary ports in the multicast forwarding table.

# Base Config

igmp-snooping enable
igmp-snooping send-query enable
vlan 9
 multicast drop-unknown
 igmp-snooping enable
 igmp-snooping report-suppress            
 igmp-snooping querier enable

Troubleshooting commands:

display igmp-snooping configuration
display igmp-snooping
display igmp-snooping port-info vlan 9
display l2-multicast forwarding-table vlan 9

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