Huawei – aaa disable password expiration

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  Press CTRL_] to quit telnet mode
  Trying ...
  Connected to ...
Warning: Telnet is not a secure protocol, and it is recommended to use Stelnet.

Login authentication

Warning: The initial password poses security risks.
The password needs to be changed. Change now? [Y/N]: y
Please enter old password: ********
Please enter new password: *********
Please confirm new password: *********
The password has been changed successfully.
Info: The max number of VTY users is 10, and the number
      of current VTY users on line is 1.
      The current login time is 2000-05-02 10:00:02+00:00.

on a AR router fresh install you have the password expiration enable by default. If you have to run tests or run l2tp vpn remote access do this:

 local-aaa-user password policy administrator
   undo password expire


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