Layer 2 Traceroute

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There are some nightmares that could torment the life of an access network, one of them is the MAC FLAPPING.

as a loop condition or sometimes rogue devices installation, you will spend your day chasing mac addresses around your network.

this great function on switches firmwares can Help!


C3750X_LAB#traceroute mac ip detail 
Translating IP to mac ..... => 0006.5b81.a86e => 0006.5b47.44a3

Source 0006.5b81.a86e found on C3750X_LAB[WS-C3750X-48] (
1 C3750X_LAB / WS-C3750X-48 / :
                Po25 [auto, auto] => Po28 [auto, auto]
Destination 0006.5b47.44a3 found on C3750X_LAB[WS-C3750X-48] (
Layer2 trace completed.


[HW5720EI_LAB]trace mac enable 
[HW5720EI_LAB]trace mac 346a-c223-1449 vlan 1
Tracing the route to 346a-c223-1449 over a maximum of 255 hops:
 Hops  Ingress MAC    Ingress Port                Ingress Action    Relay Action
       Egress MAC     Egress Port                 Egress Action     
 1     346a-c223-1449 XGigabitEthernet0/0/2       IngOK             RlyHit
       --             --                          --     
Info: Succeed in tracing the destination address 346a-c223-1449.


[HP_A7510_LAB]display mac-address  (hahahahahha....)

On Huawei switches trace mac enable must be enable on all access devices.


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