Nortel-BayStack paleo-recovery Password

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If you have an old old (old) switch Nortel Baystack 350/450 and you would reset him to make your traffic go around in the past century, do this trick to reset the configuration. These old switches do not have a factory-default function but a BackDoor password to access console CLI: “NetICs” very funny! .glitchlist crew

Huawei AP5030DN Fit to Fat

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Huawei APs are “Fit” Access Points by default. It means AP Controller is needed to work. If you want to install a single AP and you don’t need an AP Controller you must convert/change firmware of the AP. Easy step-by-step: Login on Huawei Enterprise Support and Download AP-FAT firmware Login on AP console port system-view ap-mode-switch prepare ap-mode-switch check ap-mode-switch …