ARISTA – Install and activate an extension

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With Arista switch it’s possible that you need to install an extension for fix some bug or for use some extra functionality.

Follow those simple steps for activating an extension :

Move a swix file to switch under a vrf :

switch#routing-context vrf NAME
switch(vrf:NAME)#bash scp file.swix /mnt/flash

Install an extension :

switch#copy flash/file.swix extension:
switch#extension file.swix

Verify the state of extension :

switch#show extension 
Name                                            Version/Release      Status      Extension
----------------------------------------------- -------------------- ----------- ---------
file.swix                                                1.0.0      A, I        3        

A: available | NA: not available | I: installed | NI: not installed | F: forced

Copy the extension on boot sector

switch#copy installed-extensions boot-extensions

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