Routers diagnostics

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to make a complete deep diagnosis of your router one of the most complete tools is:

<Huawei_lab>display diagnostic-information 
CISCO_lab#show tech-support

Sometimes the generated file is asked by vendors when you open a Cisco TAC or a Huawei CASE. The output of these commands is very large so on Huawei you can add the filename option and export the file via TFTP,

<Huawei_lab>display diagnostic-information diag_log.txt

while for Cisco, you have to expand the buffer of your Terminal, SSH or Telnet console in order to export all the data.

For troubleshooting, it is good to have the debug logs available on a Syslog server to compare the behavior of the device with deep diagnostics information.
Last advice, for a good analysis, hook up your devices to an NTP server

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