Ethernet Bonding with LINUX

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Want to test your WAN interface up to 2Gbps? No problem, Linux solve the problem for you . Get an additional USB-to-RJ-45 Kit to add a second Giga interface to your laptop. The USB port must be 3.0.

be sure your kernel is ready and install basic tools:


sudo modprobe bonding
sudo apt-get install ifenslave

Setup the Bond:


sudo ip link add bond10 type bond mode balance-alb
sudo ip link set eth0 master bond10
sudo ip link set eth1 master bond10 

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces 

auto bond0 
iface bond0 inet static 
 dns-search lab.noc.local 
  slaves eth0 eth1 
  bond_mode 0
  bond-miimon 100 
  bond_downdelay 200 
  bound_updelay 200

mode balance-alb is switch configuration less that’s mean that is not needed to reconfigure any settings on the switch. If you want to try an active configuration, you can configure LACP on the switch ports and set the bond mode on: mode 802.3ad

If you have a GUI like plasma (Kubuntu) it’s simpler:

Enjoy 2Gbps!

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