setup HA Cluster Fortigate 500E

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here a to-do list to setup an HA Active-Passive Cluster Fortigate with 2 FortiGate-500E:

  1. Connect to mgmt interface on each FortiGate, DHCP on your laptop and go to
  2. User: admin Password: blank
  4. Set an ip on outside interface on both Firewalls
  5. Register appliances on
  6. Reserve an additional port (copper or fiber) in addition to the HA port.
  7. Cable HA ports like the example:
  8. Build the HA on Master node under System > HA menu:
  9. Build the HA on Slave node under System > HA menu:
  10. Check HA status in console: get system ha status

In a datacenter scenario you may have a stretched vlans across two sites. We use two HA links: one in a Heartbeat vlan in the Datacenter Backbone and one in a Heartbeat vpls link in our MPLS network.

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